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Just bought the big TV is less than half a year to start automatically jumping

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Update time : 2019-09-12 14:56:04

Nowadays every house to buy color TV, this is a happy thing to buy a color TV, but Mr. Liu bought a color TV is very unhappy, why? Brand network Xiaobian for everyone to talk about how it happened.

Buy a new TV this happy, Mr. Liu bought a large flat-panel TV with less than six months on a new "feature": automatic jumping. Found a merchant, the merchant has put paid repair, Liu public feel very angry. www.chinaPP.com Chinese brand

In July of this year, Mr. Liu in urban an appliance store to buy a 42-inch flat-panel TV, clear picture quality, bright screen allows a person to watch TV to feel very comfortable. May month ago, the TV automatically jumping. "From bought has been with the video format of the digital set-top boxes and TV shows, no one moving through set-top boxes, that time always looked looked suddenly like someone with a remote control transfer station, jump on in several formats to jump to go, sometimes the whole family is watching dramas, suddenly jump to the broadcast channel, surprised people. "Mr. Liu said.

The beginning, Mr. Liu is a thought voltage instability caused by, did not take too much notice, but two weeks later, the TV automatically jumping the problem is getting worse, and has been developed to a boot will automatically jumping, simply can not read. Mr. Liu this feeling is the TV out of the problem, he immediately contacted the store requires repair. The maintenance staff has been checked and found the TV inside a computer chip damage, and said that the accessory is not within the scope of the "three guarantees" Onerous repair. Mr. Liu TV failure in the "three guarantees" period, free repair, then make a complaint to the Consumers Association, and requires businesses to a free repair.

After receiving complaints, the CASE staff opinion of the survey, in 2011, the whole of the flat-panel TV displays and other major components included in the implementation of part of the catalog of "three guarantees require flat-panel TV repair for one year, the main components display, backlight components (plasma TV, compared with the drive components), logic components, high frequency tuner for repair of three years, day depreciation rate of 0.1%. "In addition," Consumers' Rights and Interests Protection Act IV fifteen clearly states: "operators to provide goods caused the consumers property damage, it should be in accordance with the requirements of consumers, to repair, remanufacture, replacement, return up the quantity of a commodity, refund the payment for goods and services, or compensation for loss of commitment civil liability. "After mediation, businessmen expressed their willingness to free Mr. Liu's color TV to replace the computer chip.

After reading these is not to make people feel very angry, brand network Xiaobian remind you to buy a color TV in the future must keep their eyes open as much as possible to secure large market place to buy.